Teaching Philosophy

Art Teaching Philosophy

As an art educator, my aim is to help students develop skills needed in the arts as well as in life. Students develop skills such as problem solving, creativity, and innovation by participating in the arts. These are skills that students can apply in art class as well as in other areas of life. I wish for students to understand that art is for everyone and not just for a select, talented few. Also, I want students to understand that the arts are beyond painting and drawing. Art can be jewelry making, fashion design, and functional objects. Art can be a powerful form of communication, whether it is a poster about Earth Day or an art piece regarding a social issue. Art can also be a way to be involved in ones’ community through the creation of murals, public sculptures, or architecture.

Furthermore, I want to educate students to appreciate diversity. I will teach students about diversity and other cultures by showing and discussing, with the class, a diverse range of artists. I believe students can develop an appreciation for culture and art of the United States as well as that of the world. An appreciation of diversity is another important life skill that will be learned in art class.

As an art educator, the lessons I teach are geared to be personally meaningful to students. I believe it is important for students to understand why they are doing the assignment that they are doing and what the expectations are. In addition, I believe as an educator, I should not only to pass on knowledge, but also make sure that the lesson is appropriate to all of my students. No student is alike, and lesson plans are not one size fits all. I think making accommodations and flexibility are qualities of a good educator and I am committed to modifying my art lessons to better serve the diverse needs of my students.

Art class should be a respectful, safe and caring environment. I wish for students to feel safe for self-expression and reflection in the art room. Rules regarding respectful behavior will be posted clearly for students to see as well as reviewed with each art class. I am committed to creating an art classroom in which all students know that they can create in a judgment free environment.

As an art educator, I aim to support each students’ unique and personally meaningful ways of artistic expression and growth.


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